Root Checker Pro 5.9.7 Apk Android Download

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Root Checker Pro Apk Android Free Download


This application will allow the user to confirm they have proper root ( superuser ) access and a proper BusyBox installation.

The Root Check mode displays the most important information when determining whether root (superuser) access has been properly installed: standard su binary locations and file permissions, root uid/gid (user id/group id) and SELinux context results, Superuser application installations and version, adb shell default user mode (shell or root user), SELinux Status (enforcing or not), and the System defined PATH.

For the more advanced and technically inclined users, many important details are provided around the Root and BusyBox installation. The application presents all the details needed to properly troubleshoot any Root or BusyBox issues.

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The goal of this application is to provide even the newest Android user with a simple method to check their device for root access. This application will also allow the user to verify a proper BusyBox installation.

This application will test the device for root access. Very simple, quick, and reliable test method to check for root access. The su binary is the most common binary used on Android devices to grant root access. This application will check and verify the su binary location and permissions on the device. This information is generally the most helpful in diagnosing issues with root access.

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Version : 5.9.7  – Publish Date: Oct 08 2016 – Requirements: Android 2.3.2+

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Root Checker Pro 5.9.7 Apk Android Download
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