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Device Cooler 1.0 APK Free Download Latest Version!

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Android smartphone now days is usually used for heavy use and multitasking. Because of the heavy use of the CPU android phone heats up and go slow the effects on cell phones performance.As the extreme heat of the process flow much valuable battery life and device malfunctions occasionally.
Here are the main android mobile cooling solutions.
Cooling device is the best and simple application that can detect and solve the heat problem them.Device cool phone battery hogging application detects and cleans them very efficient and effective.
Usually very effective for long-term battery life. Now the high CPU usage and multitasking is a breeze. It provides real-time monitoring of temperature, cool in your phone and optimizes the speed.
Now the real time and optimal performance.
Optimized solution to the problem of hot phones.
Real time and optimized protection
Improve the performance of smart phones
Easy to use and friendly GUI.
Long-term battery life.
   Link Download Device Cooler (3.20Mb)
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Device Cooler 1.0 APK Android
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