DU Speed Booster 2.8.7 APK

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DU Speed Booster 2.8.7 APK

DU Speed Booster 2.8.7 APK Free Download Latest Version !

DU Speed ​​Booster is the optimization of control optimizer and cleaner Android antivirus security features inherent FREE. This application can improve your phone speed by 60%, clean junk files (cache) of your system, and increase the available storage space on your SD card. This is the Android phone a thorough optimization solutions with a combination of advanced functionality cleaner task applications, enhancing speed and RAM, storage analyzer (garbage and cache), and the master security guards and antivirus protection for your phone.
Summary DU Speed ​​Booster (Optimizer Cleaning & Master Security):
Speed ​​Booster ★ Easy: One-touch saves you time and effort to speed up your phone.
★ Junk File Cleaner: Fully scan and clean up all junk files and cache.
★ Intelligent Cleaning: Cleaning the automatic default for the process and unwanted junk files.
★ Speed ​​Booster Robust: Accelerate your Android phone up to 60%!
★ Optimization & Master Security: Ensure your phone safe and protected from virus or Trojan.
Features DU Speed ​​Booster (Optimizer Cleaning & Master Security):
► BOOSTER GAME: Improving speed and your gaming experience.
The introduction of smart and manual addition of games or applications installed.
Concentrate resources to support the operation of the game system, and launch games and improve FPS.
► akselarator SPEED: Creating Android applications and games faster than ever before!
Diagnosis and acceleration speed one-touch system: Click the “Optimization” or use the widget front page.
Cleaning the background process, turn off the task and disable applications that run automatically (for root devices only) so that a more spacious memory and increases system speed.
Stopping unnecessary applications to increase memory.
► CLEANING WASTE: Cleaning the Android phone and your SD card from junk files and cache to speed!
Clean up residual files left behind after uninstalling applications to free up storage space.
Clean the cache with one touch to increase the speed of your Android system.
► APPLICATION MANAGEMENT CONTINUED: Take control of your application to keep the storage space is kept clean and orderly!
Install / uninstall the group maintain the cleanliness of your Android and increase its top speed.
Organizing applications on the phone’s internal storage and SD card to free up space.
Move applications and files between your phone and SD card (App2SD) to free up phone memory.
► DU SECURITY: antivirus scanner, manager permission.
Quickly scan the applications and files on the phone to protect the device from viruses and Trojans with antivirus.
Check the permissions requested by any application that is installed; or reviewing the permit application according to categorized.
Optimization Cleaning & Security Control, which is trusted by hundreds of millions of users DU Apps Studio, DU Speed ​​Booster will help your control and maximize the background applications, memory space, junk files (cache) and battery power, as well as check the license applications and secure your phone from virus.
DU Speed Booster 2 DU Speed Booster 3 DU Speed Booster 4 DU Speed Booster 5 DU Speed Booster 6Link Download DU Speed Booster (11.30MB):
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DU Speed Booster 2.8.7 APK
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