Guide How To Remove Monkey Test Virus

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Guide How To Remove Monkey Test Virus And Service Time Virus

is usually a fresh trending Trojan viruses app that impacting on a lot more than six hundred thousands of Android mobile phone cell phone customers daily. A lot of Android mobile phone cell phone customers in addition described that they aren’t able to uninstall the particular  Monkey Test Virus .Nevertheless that they achieved it, this request once again having put in by itself without any notice towards the customers.

Monkey Test Virus > run on the background service, download infected ads apps to your Android mobile phone and automatic push advertisement to your phone. The actual crucial component of the app is it drains your battery, consume more RAM and steals your data.

 Monkey Test Virus removal solution 1:

Download and install the Ghost Push Trojan Killer App

Open the app and click on the scan button

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If you get the status message safe, then nothing to be worried. Otherwise, if the app is notifying you with the ‘in dangerous’ state, tap on the Kill button to remove the monkey test and Time service Trojan from your phone.


(Note: You need to ROOT YOUR PHONE before using Ghost Push Trojan Killer to kill the trojan as it has gained the system-level access to your device. )

Monkey Test Virus removal solution 2:

Scan with the Desktop antivirus

If the above solutions failed to remove the Ghost push trojans from your device, connect your device to your PC on USB storage mode, scan it with your Antivirus software, If found threats Just Delete The Virus

Monkey Test Virus removal solution 3:

freeze any app With  Link2SD and device control

open either Link2SD or Device control on your smartphone and tap on Monkey test app

fter the virus app getting frozen, try to uninstall Monkey ,failed to uninstall, just try to utilize the Freeze mode




Guide How To Remove Monkey Test Virus
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