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Free Download Stubborn Trojan Killer 1.0.1 APK Latest Version!

Why are Ghost Push Trojan so dangerous?

Unlike Trojans we met before, Ghost Push Trojan will install lots of other viruses that are very hard to remove from your phone, and will do things like leak your mobile data, send SMS messages to premium numbers, steal your private information, or even damage your device. More seriously, you can deactivate your Android device administrator without your permission, which means you cannot uninstall the virus after that.
(Note: You need to ROOT YOUR PHONE before using Ghost Push Trojan Killer to kill the trojan as it has gained the system-level access to your device. )

How does CM Security protect you?

We just released the world’s first tool for killing these stubborn trojans. It will help you remove these viruses from your device. Among all antivirus apps, only CM Security can guarantee your safety.

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About Stubborn Trojan Killer:

☆ Developed by CM Security, the world’s most trusted Android antivirus.
☆ Scan the installed applications on your phone and detect whether your phone is affected by any Ghost Push Trojan .



Link Download Stubborn Trojan Killer (872.34KB  )

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Stubborn Trojan Killer 1.0.1 APK
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