VLC Media Player 2.2.2 Latest Version

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VLC Media Player 2.2.2 Latest Version

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VLC Media Player 2.2.2 Latest Version –  is usually the most famous along with powerful numerous formatting, totally free press person available. Your wide open supply press person ended up being publically unveiled in 2001 by simply non-profit firm VideoLAN Venture. VLC Media Player easily became very popular thanks to its functional multi-format playback functionality. It had been helped by simply compatibility along with codec issues which often made competitor press people just like QuickTime, Windows along with Actual Advertising Participant ineffective to a lot of popular video along with tunes record forms. The simple, standard URINARY INCONTINENCE along with enormous selection of modification possibilities have unplaned VLC Media Player’s place towards the top of the particular totally free press people.

2.2.x Features

  • Auto-rotation of phone movies, to fight Vertical Video Syndrome
  • Resume playback where you left off
  • Extensions API and repository to download extensions directly from the application
  • GPU 0-copy support for decoding and displaying using hardware
  • Improved support for UltraHD codecs, notably H.265 and VP9
  • Subtitles download from the web, using OpenSubtitles
  • Audio core upgrade, notably to support short samples
  • Support for BD-Java menus and overlay in Blu-Ray
  • Acceleration of VP9 and H.265/HEVC decoders
  • Rewritten support for WMV, Ogg, MP4 and AVI, notably for seeking
  • Support for encoding in H.265, Opus and VP9
  • Support for WebVTT, Ogg/VP8, Opus/MKV, CAF
  • Support for THP, Renderware and Escape Replay videogames files
  • Support for SRT language detection
  • GPU 0-copy decoding-rendering for Android using MediaCodec
  • GPU accelerated auto-rotation, in OpenGL, Direct3D and Mediacodec
  • GPU 0-copy decoding-rendering for Linux using VDPAU
  • Support for HLSL shaders in Direct3D video output
  • Media Foundation Transform audio and video decoder for Windows Vista/7
  • GPU 0-copy decoding-rendering for RaspberryPi using MMAL
  • OpenMAX IL improvements for Android, Linux and rPi
  • Support GStreamer codecs on Linux
Codecs / Protocols
  • Support for MMS split streams for audio selection (European Parliament)
  • Support FTPS (FTP/TLS) protocol
  • New decoder for VP8 and VP9 using libvpx for Linux distributions without avcodec
  • Improvements on Teletext, Subrip, and Tx3g subtitles
  • Support for MSN audio, Atrac3+, VP7, Bink, TAK, On2 AVC, DK3, DK4
  • Support for IMC, Vivo g723.1, Smacker, FIC, Auravision, Canopus Lossless
  • Support x264 and FFv1 codecs RGB modes
  • Fixes for DVD, Audio-CD, M2TS LPCM audio, Speex
  • Support for Digital Cinema Packages and encrypted DCP with KDM
  • HEVC encoding and muxing in MP4 and TS
  • Support VP8 encoding inside Ogg
  • Improvements of audio bar graph, for speed and resiliance
  • Support MPEG-2 video encoding through x262
  • Large improvements of teletext rendering, for speed and alignments
Platform integration
  • Port of the interface to Yosemite
  • Support drag’n drop in the skins2 interface
  • New TLS module on OS X and iOS, using the central store
  • Signature of the Windows binaries
  • Improvement of audio device detections on OS X and Windows
  • Support of audio ducking in various audio outputs

Link Download Vlc Media Player

  • 32bit(28MB)


  • 64bit (29MB)


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