Parallel Space-Multi Accounts 3.1.6210 APK Android

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Parallel Space-Multi Accounts 3.1.6210 APK Android

Parallel Space-Multi Accounts APK Free Download (2,9MB)

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Requires : andrid 4.0.3 +

Version 3.1.6210

 Publish Date: Oct 19 2016

New Update

1. Fixed some crash issues
2. Optimize some descriptions of several languages

(Must Know Look This) Duplicate accounts online simultaneously in a single HP
• Account online together different social, work and personal life can be considered casual.
• Account main game and the second account can be online simultaneously in order to upgrade faster.
• Almost all Android apps can log a second account.

Application privacy, stealth installation without a trace
• Do not want privacy applications known by a friend or colleague? Wear a stealth installation, privacy applications will be hidden in Parallel Space without trace within HP.

→Typical Left:
• Easy to use, run stable.
• Uniquely: Parallel Space walk based virtualization applications on Android first, namely MultiDroid.

→Things that need to be considered
• Licensing: as much as possible given the permissions that apps that were added to the Parallel Space to run smoothly. For example, there are applications that can not transmit your location information to a friend if not allowed to get to your location information.
• Memory, internet quotas, and the battery is spent by applications running in Parallel Space Space Parallel calculated belong too. The details can be checked in Parallel Space, go to the Control Center, then click Task Manager.
• To ensure acceptable Penan, Parallel Space must be removed or added to the white list in Clearmaster.
• When logged in specialized applications in Parallel Space must use a second account, the phone number is different from the main account. For the first time a second account login, please ensure the phone number is able to receive the message identification. One phone number can not log secera simultaneously in this particular application.

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