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Download VLC PRO for Android v2.1.14 APK LATEST

vlc androidVLC is a popular video player application at once. This app can play almost any type of video formar. In addition, this application can also be used as a music player on Android phones. The features of the VLC PRO for Android app are no less powerful than those of other video players. Such as the brightness and volume settings that can be done only by swiping the screen from bottom to top or vice versa. In addition there are also features auto rotation, hardware decoder and lock screen, where this feature serves to lock the screen so that when the screen touched the video still running and not disturbed. In addition, this application will automatically pause the video being played when there is an incoming phone call. Also available widgets and Network streams to listen to radio and audio from the internet. Good thing again, VLC for Android app also has support subtile, so no need to worry about watching movies that you do not know the language. And subtitle formats supported include SRT, TXT and others.




  • This release is removing many permissions from the application, and is the first step for Android 6.0 permissions.
  • There is a new subtitle engine, for complex text and Unicode support.
  • We’ve changed the notification, the lockscreen and the Bluetooth control to be more standard. We’ve worked to simplify the code and use more standard libraries and widgets.
  • The previous major version, 1.6.0 added many things, but mostly accelerated the video playback speed for 4K support.

Screenshot VLC PRO for Android v2.1.14 :

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