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Quick Shortcut Maker APK ANDROID – is a fantastic tool used for Android devices through which you can create cutting corners from the set of activities that happen to be on your device. For instance, you can change the icons of your smartphones. The procedure is very smooth and easy and you will select any of the apps. Moreover, you can make your desktop more bright, stylish and different to the eyes. The software runs on each of the devices and doesn’t require any rooting.


The edge is that it not only changes the techniques of downloaded programs but also the built-in programs. Additionally, it gives you to allocate a shortcut to the settings as well. The settings which otherwise are not accessible by the user because they are already hidden by the developers. From this quick brief maker frp unlock, you can change the symbols, after installation, all the necessary rights are given. You can even rename the techniques by just clicking on the name.

Just in case you could not create the shortcut, then you have to follow the steps below:

  • Long tap on the home screen
  • Then, tap Widgets
  • After this, long tap activities which are with
  • quickshortcutmaker icon.
  • Then drag it somehow on the screen and place it somewhere
  • Your quickshortmaker will be launched
  • Select the activity. Edit it and tap ‘create’
  • The required shortcut will appear on the home screen.

Quick Shortcut Maker APK ANDROID

Click Here to Download (Quick Shortcut MakerAPK)

Features Quick Shortcut Maker :

Like every other Android app, this also has so many exciting features. All of the features are very useful too and you should once look at those features. Let’s have a look at some of those features.

  • Can process a bunch of apps and create the shortcuts on the home screen
  • The process is much easier
  • Customization of app icons
  • You can create the shortcut o any app, android shortcut or any other android activity
  •  quick Shortcut creation with many unique features
  • Custom shapes for shortcuts create shortcuts with heart, Ace and apple shapes
  • Can also create shortcuts using images from your gallery.
  • The app allows you to rename the shortcut.
  • All bug error solved/fived in this latest version of quick shortcut macker

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