Zombie Castaways v2.12.5 Apk Mod Money

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Download Zombie Castaways v2.12.5 Mod Apk Zombie Castaways are games resource which serves lovely story i.e. zombie falls in love with a girl who decided the world zombie adventuring in the quest to become human. In this exciting game you must help his adventures finding love.


Zombie Castaways v2.12.5 Apk Mod Money

Zombie world that there have everything you need to collect fundamental resource to help You survive the journey. Along the way, you have to create your own food shelter and use other materials for the sake of reaching as far as you can. With the aim of building your own city from scratch so that makes it easy for You to travel to different places around the world zombie.
In Zombie Castaways, you can plant different types of exotic vegetables, cooking food with them, as well as discover many types of property. -Venture to exciting island in the world, and look for ancestors who can turn you back into a human. Then, do it again travels to the human world and discover your love to end this story with a happy ending.
How to play in this game is very easy, the player will only do tap on objects on the screen, a specific resource needs for cleaning/cutting grass, trees, stones, and so forth. Players will also get a resource from the objects that are cleaned. Players can build new buildings and see items that have been collected in the Market and Storage.
There is a main resource in this game namely zombucks, players will only get limited zombucks for free so you should not use it to mepercepat the time of development or to unlock new buildings.
This game has a friendly, simple graphics, and funny, can also be played by players of all ages and walks of life. The way the game goes too easy though is not too simple so that the players can fill your leisure with relaxing while playing this game. Unfortunately this game lack the element of adventure even though the player is able to unlock the new island.
Zombie games Castaways is perfect for casual gamers and can be enjoyed when spare time. The file size is small and any of his specifications required in order to play the game smoothly is not high. This game is also frequently updated so that players are not quickly get bored.

Fitur Zombie Castaways:

  1. Zombie workers yang akan membantu anda dalam membangun kota.
  2. Memanen puluhan jenis tanaman dan membuat ramuan.
  3. Tugas untuk diselesaikan dan berhadiah.
  4. Objek baru yang akan di-unlock saat naik level.
  5. Tampilan grafis yang halus sehingga tidak membosankan

Zombie Castaways Screenshot:

Zombie Castaways 1 Zombie Castaways 2

Download Zombie Castaways v2.12.5 Apk Mod :

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